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Cruising on the Nile is the perfect way to enjoy the ancient Egyptian history.

To the south of Egypt lie Luxor and Aswan, where many Nile cruises begin and end. The route between Luxor and Aswan is lined with many famous temples, and there are a number of excellent cruise options available.

A Nile river cruise is a Floating hotel that is the perfect way to relax and immerse in a real ancient history of over 5000 years of history.


As the world's largest man-made lake, Lake Nasser is over 300 miles long and, in places, can reach a depth of 600 feet. The lake was created in the 1960s when the world famous High Dam was built.

Together with the old Aswan Dam (built by the British between 1898 and 1902) it provides irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt.  It was named after Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt's President from 1956-1970


These river-going sailboats were common in Egypt in the days of the monarchy (1920s-40s) when aristocrats and sophisticated travelers loved to cruise the Nile in style. These boats have four to ten cabins with private bathrooms and a crew providing personal service for guests on board . The dahabiya's are popular amongst those who wish to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely pace and tranquility.