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5 Photographers Who Beautifully Captured Egypt

Planning your next trip to Egypt? 

Daydreaming about the time and adventures you’ll find there?

We’ve got you covered!

While planning an upcoming holiday, we think it’s always awesome to surf through magical photos from the destination we wish to visit. And we’ve put together for you a list of photographers who’ve captured the magic and beauty of Egypt. Feed your eyes and we cannot wait to see your own photos whenever you visit. 

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  1. Taimour Othman

None other but Taimour has managed to capture the dazzling beauty residing under the Red Sea surface. The founder of #ThisIsEgypt always manages to enthrall us with his under-the-sea shots, going around Egypt from one depth to another. 

2. lookatmydrone

Nothing can beat Gendy at exploring Egypt one corner at a time from the sky with his drone. He manages to capture the beauty, patterns and amazing landscapes. You wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from daydreaming about these places.

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Siwa Springs Siwa with @gazef

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3. trannetastravels

Tranneta has managed to always deepen our lust for the Egyptian historical places, from one site to another; you’d want to visit every single place she captures and lust after its story. 

4. seifamro

In every photo that Seif captures, he always manages to showcase that magical feel to every place around Egypt. From the pyramids to Luxor & Aswan, you’d want to jump into every photo of his and visit those places.

5. nadahany97

With Nada, capturing Egypt has always been about beauty and history with a blend of art. Nada started a project #WardasCupGoingPlaces that captures the famous historical sites of Egypt with art on coffee cups; something that we found would definitely make you wonder and daydream about the land of pharos. 

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#WardasCupGoingPlaces #WardasCupGoingPlacespost15 ———————————————————————————The Egyptian museum, Tahrir sq. 🇪🇬 I’ve been to the Egyptian museum several times before, and I’ve always loved its architectural style and unique entrance. ✨Since I’ve started this art/photography project I had this museum on the top of the list. Unfortunately as you can see on the left when I finally took the step to go and sketch it there was some maintenance happening and I couldn’t sketch my dreamy shot, but I did it anyways. Have you ever been to the Egyptian museum? How was your tour? ———————————————————— If you have any museums or places on mind you’d like to see on my cups in the future please drop it below in the comments⬇️ ——————————————————————————— المتحف المصري، ميدان التحرير🇪🇬 خلال السنين اللي فاتت زرت المتحف المصري اكتر من مرة، و من بداية الهاش تاج دة وانا عايزة ارسم مدخل المتحف لإنه من المباني المفضلة ليّ و بشوفها مميزة. للأسف زي ما باين على اقصى يسار الصورة يوم ما -أخيرًا- قررت اروح و ارسم المتحف كان فيه تجديدات و تصليحات بتتعمل هناك، و ماعرفتش ارسم الكادر اللي كان نفسي فيه، بس قررت ارسم المدخل و خلاص و ماضيعش فرصة اني رحت. حد راح المتحف المصري قبل كدة؟ ايه كانت تجربتكم؟ ———————————————————— لو حد عنده اقتراحات متاحف أو اماكن تترسم اكتبوهالي في الكومنتات تحت ⬇️ ———————————————————— —————-#cup #sketch #art #cupart #coffeecup# #papercup #travel #tourism #thisisegypy #roamegypt #egyptshots #cairo #egypt @experienceegypt #huntgram #myegypt #huntgramarabia #draw #drawing #colors #markers #documenting #photooftheday#photography #streetphotography #travelphotography #pink #museum #egyptianmuseum

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